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Center of Excellence in Education & Learning
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A recommendation was submitted to the Higher Education Council for the establishment of the center in its session (73), held on 2/7/1434 AH. The council agreed to establish the PNU Center for Excellence in teaching and Learning in its decision (30/73/1434). 

The center aims to enhance the quality of university education; through the services it provides faculty members and students in education and learning. The programs are composed of a myriad of training courses, workshops, roundtable discussions, seminars, and dialogue and consultation sessions necessary to develop performance in PNU. 

The Center for Excellence in Education and Learning is a hub for strategic thinking, necessary to achieve PNU vision. This can be achieved through the Development Initiatives Unit, which is considered one of the main references in development strategies for achieving international leadership. This unit is the source for initiating, attracting, or adopting initiatives and creating and motivating ideas. The center is the starting point for continuing the development of education and learning due to the programs it offers to faculty members, which include knowledge, skills, expertise, and educational experiences. The center is also considered a house of expertise because of its direct contact with development research results that it invests in reality for continuous enhancement. ​

The center provides an environment that is suitable for dialogue between those concerned with education and learning, with the purpose of sharing views and experiences, and providing feedback on the outstanding issues in education. The center is also considered to be a lab for forecasting the future; being concerned with discussing future visions and plans for the development of education and learning, supporting creativity, and utilizing it with the purpose of enhancement. The center also provides consultations in support of all education and learning aspects. ​