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A Word from the Dean

In the climate of future trends towards optimal investment in human energy, the revolution of information and communication technology (ICT) and its impact on the educational process, and the intense competition between academic institutions in providing the highest quality, our beloved university seeks to make a quantum leap in the development of the university in general and in the development of human performance in particular. A strong prevailing demand which stems from the sense of an urgent need for the continuous development in the completion of institutional construction at all levels in order to keep pace with developments and changes accelerating locally and globally.

The Deanship of Development and Skills Enhancement at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University has undertaken the task of the professional development for all of the staff and staff of the University for administrative, academic and leadership management units, by offering selected training programs and workshops in accordance with the training needs of all staff members. The Deanship aims to achieve the broader vision of the university in spreading a knowledge economy, leadership and excellence in the education of Saudi women.

In conclusion, we ask God Almighty to help guide us towards providing all that is of benefit and beneficial to humankind and for the center of the Deanship of Development and Skills Enhancement to be uniquely distinguished and distinct from all other centers in the field of professional development and sustainable advancement.

Dean of Development and Skills Enhancement

Dr. Shurug bint Ali Al-Khalifa