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INSEAD Program



Develop and enable leading distinguished executive leaderships at the national level.


Enable and empower qualified leaderships, who are inspired by the challenges of the future and can forecast its requirements and commit to fulfilling them through a perceptive strategic vision and values that help guide them on their journey. ​

Program Objectives:

1. Prepare the highest number of participating leaderships to develop in them an assortment of capabilities that can enable them to assume higher leadership positions in the future.

2. Provide a rich content to develop functional expertise so as to include microeconomic processes, strategies, marketing, and operations. 

3. Establish, develop, and support critical leadership competitions throughout the program, to include leadership basics and original leadership tools. 

4. Promote the ability to express the leadership capabilities necessary to lead organizations in the near future, through merged learning, which includes the classroom experience, simulation, and learning-through-work projects. 

5. Establish small groups of individuals who share general values, frameworks, and business language, to secure a sustainable database for leadership and business development in the KSA. 

6. Develop the ability to lead and manage others to achieve current professional results.