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The Deanship’s tasks:

•Preparing the five-year and annual plan for the Deanship and following up its implementation after accrediting it. 
•Creating a strategic training plan consisting of staged plans.
•Preparing short-term and long-term plans for the activities of the Deanship, and supervising and following up their implementation after accrediting them. 
•Communicating continuously with the various departments of the university to identify the training needs, and providing the Deanship of Development and Skills improvements with the required training needs.
•Preparing the annual training plan based on the needs of the different departments of the university, also studying and preparing the budget for internal and external training.
•Disseminating a general culture that requires, encourages, and seeks to improve the work environment, and seeks idealism in overall performance through change programs.
•Contacting the internal and external training bodies to complete the procedures for nominating the university staff for training programs that meet their training needs.
•Coordinating permanently with the University Vice Rectorate for Educational Affairs to verify the availability of the criteria for the accreditation of the training materials.
•Following up the results of the training and measuring their impact on the staff to ensure that the training achieved the specific training needs.
•Establishing a systematic mechanism for selecting bodies, institutions and universities on which the university will rely on them as partners in achieving the University's vision for development.
•Handling situations that show some lack of performance in the Deanship through studying and identifying the appropriate intervention.
•Performing any other tasks assigned to it within its area of competence.
•Collecting all leaderships in a private database.
•Improving and developing leaderships through suitable training programs.
•Monitoring the quality of work through implementing a mechanism for performance indicators.