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Praise be to Allah; may Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad, the best of His creations. I would like to welcome all visitors of the website of the College of Community. Our college is the first Community College for women in Saudi Arabia which is established in 1433, and it is an honor to be the first dean of this College. The College of Community aims to be a distinguished model for all the Community Colleges by its programs and outcomes. In order to achieve the goals, we made many partnerships with great Colleges around the world that have a long experience in this field such as Houston Community College and Valencia Community College. We successfully signed a contract with Valencia College in Florida State, USA, which ranks the 4th out of 1200 Community Colleges in the United States. According to the contract, they will make our curricula and courses plans for seven programs in the College. We aim to achieve long term goals through our strategic plan of reaching a higher level in women education and make more opportunities for them to participate in the development and advance our country. We hope all would cooperate with us to achieve our goals and our leaders’ as well, and also to have has a distinguished role in community. 

Dean of College of Community 

Dr.Munerah Almugren 

E-Mail: Tel. :21681