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Admission and Transfer Conditions



Admission and Transfer Requirements: 

•           General criteria and conditions to admission in PNU


There are many terms for the applicant to be qualified to apply at Princess Nourah University

1.         The applicant should be Saudi, or her mother is Saudi.

2.         Has a general Saudi secondary school (high school) certificate or equivalent.

3.         For whom applied to the Health Programs, they should have their high school certificate or equivalent in natural sciences.

4.         The applicant should have earned her high school certificate within the past five years.

5.         The applicant should take the two Qiyas tests (General Aptitude Test and Scholastic Achievement Admission Test).

6.         The applicant should successfully pass any examinations or interviews the university determined

7.         The applicant should pass the medical check-up, if she was not in appropriate condition psychologically or physically to Health programs, the university has the right to transfer her to any other college.

8.         The applicant should not be dismissed from a University for disciplinary reasons.

9.         The applicant should not have any previous record at Princess Nourah University

10.        The applicant should not be enrolled as a student in any other University.

11.        Fulfill other conditions announced at the time of application.

12.        Satisfy any other requirements specified by the University.

13.        The applicant should not be obtained a bachelor's degree


•           College of Community admission criteria

-The GPA required for acceptance (50% high school + 25% General Aptitude Test + 25% Scholastic Achievement Admission Test)


•           Computer sciences and IT Department admission criteria

-           Her high school certificate or equivalent should be in Natural Sciences.

-           The GPA required for acceptance (60% high school + 20% General Aptitude Test + 20% Scholastic Achievement Admission Test)


•           Transfer conditions

A student can apply for internal or external transferring, each has its own requirements

-           Internal transfer

It is a transfer between two majors of from Diploma to Bachelor or vice versa.

When a student could not be able to complete in her current major, for academic reasons, or was not her preference, here are the conditions of internal transfer:

Transfer between two colleges:

1.         Dates announced on the Academic calendar, a student should apply within the determined period only.

2.         A student must complete at least one semester in her current major before applying for transferring.

3.         The student has the right to transfer only once through her studying years.

4.         Choosing between candidates is depends on the target college conditions and availability of seats.

5.         Choosing between the first and second preference is depends on satisfying the conditions.

6.         If a student has only one preference major, she should not choose any other majors in preference arrangement application.

7.         Choosing candidates held after finishing finals and calculate the GPA.

8.         Submitting a transfer application does not mean the acceptance of it.

9.         A student should update and follow- up her academic site to know the result of transferring.

10.        Pass the interview.


Transfer between Diploma (College of Community) to a Bachelor program

1.         GPA must not be less than 4.25

2.         Availability of transferring seats.

3.         A student finished maximum two levels.

4.         Transferring is only available to these colleges: (College of Arts, Community Service, Sciences, Design and Arts).

5.         Pass Arts Exam for who apply to Design and Arts College according to announced dates.


Applying dates:

There will be a link in the university website, which will be available only in the determined period on the academic calendar.

-           External transfer

When an enrolled student in a university want to transfer to another university not in her region because of some circumstances such as transferring her father job or so on.

Conditions and terms of external transfer:

Conditions of external transferring to College of Community, Computer Sciences and IT Department:

1.         The GPA not less than 3.75

2.         Availability of seats

3.         Finished two levels maximum.

Applying procedures:

The student submits the application for transfer manually at the Deanship of Admissions and Registration, Narjis neighborhood (Airport Road), Administration Building, Southern Entrance (2). Parking No. (PO5).​