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Graduates Careers

  1. Career opportunities for College of Community graduates

After the completion of the educational program, the graduate gains a diploma in her major and becomes qualified to work in the following career according to her major:

Web Design:

The Graduate is expected to do these profession tasks:

1.      Assist in systems analysis.

2.      Participate in designing applied systems

3.      Assist in developing systems.

4.      Updating systems.

5.      Maintenance of applications.

6.      Provide suggestions and consultations

7.      Developing the websites and managing them for individuals, organization, or companies

8.      Design websites and advertisements sites.



  1. Developing systems and operations in all types of organizations.
  2. Operate systems and solve their issues in all organizations.
  1. Do Networking tasks between devices.
  2. Developing applications and programs for smartphones,
  3. Programming games and sciences videos.
  4. Programming mechanisms.
  5. Manage databases and developing programs.
  1. Analyze and operate programs.


Information Technology:

1.                  Computer Systems analyst.

2.                  Computer repair and support technician.

3.                  Technical support analyst

4.                  Analyst /Specialist User Support.

5.                  Applications systems analyst

6.                  Computer Information Manager.

7.                  Internet Security Specialist.

8.                  Computer support technician.

  1. Technical assistance.
  2. Computer Security Systems.​