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Message from the Vice Dean
​​​​In the name of God. Prayers and peace be upon our Prophet Mohammed, his family, and companions.
The primary aim of the student affairs deanship, which is incorporated in the team spirt of its academic and administrative staff, is to afford a supportive interactive environment for students cultivating success and creativity in curricular and non-curricular undertakings and helping them overcome any probable academic, psychological, or social difficulty they might face.
The deanship of student affairs consists of a number of units to serve students throughout their academic excursion. This service begins with the unit of registration which helps students in registering courses. This unit is supported by the unit of academic supervision for further assistance. Psychological and social care is provided by the qualified psychiatrists and sociologists of the guidance and counseling unit. The students’ activities unit targets the development of the skills or talents of the students, inspiring them towards creativity and innovation, and affording essential career training and support in the search for suitable job opportunities. Other units of the deanship are assigned to take care of other student requirements, like the transfer of credit hours, investment, and safe boxes, etc.  Our relationship with our students never ends when they finish school. Accordingly, the alumni unit, which feels committed to provide assistance whenever it is needed, monitors the progress of the graduates as they follow up their different careers. 
Like all other deanships in our great university, we- in the deanship of student affairs-strive towards successful achievement. We sincerely wish that all students have enjoyed a beneficial experience at PNU and we pray that they may, thereafter, enjoy a life of success and inspiration. 
​May God help us all to rightly serve this leading educational institution.

  Amani Albraikan , PhD
​  Vice Dean for Students' Affairs