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Academic Guidance
Academic Guidance in the College of Computer and Information Sciences 
For each student, a supervising faculty member is appointed from the day she registers at PNU until her graduation. 

Academic Supervisor Tasks:
1. Provide the students with advice and guidance as to specializations and academic affairs. 
2. Help students plan for their careers, as well as their personal, social and academic matters and direct them to the suitable solutions for the challenges they may face. 
3. Follow-up on student’s academic performance. 
4. Allocate and clearly announce specific office hours per week in her schedule with the purpose of providing students with academic assistance. 

Academic Guidance Coordinators in the Academic Departments of the College of Computer and Information Sciences 

Academic Guidance Coordinator Tasks:
1. Listen to questions and inquiries from members and then assist them in finding solutions. 
2. Assist students with guidance. 
3. Help the secretariat in offering guidance to students. 
4. Ensure that lists are posted on office doors and on the guidance board. 

Academic Guidance Coordinator for the Computer Sciences Department 
Name: Reem AbdulRahman Al-Saleh
Extension: 38402
Office No.: 2.505.23
Name: Riham Alsmari
Extension: 38405
Office No.: 2.505.41

Academic Guidance Coordinator for the Information Systems Department 
Name: Kholoud Muhammed Baslm
Extension: 38322
Office No.: 1.501.43

Academic Guidance Coordinator for the Information Technology Department 
Name: Thuraya Nasser Alrumaih
Extension: 38374
Office No.: 0.701.39

To view the Academic guidance Manual please click on the following: