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Vision, Mission and Objectives

Academic excellence and distinguished research in the field of Computer and Information Sciences, applying high international standards to invest in the knowledge economy.
To prepare distinguished competencies in the field of Computer and Information Sciences through academic programs committed to high international standards to invest in the knowledge economy, research, and community service.

1. Prepare distinct competencies academically and professionally to fulfill the development plans and meet the market needs.
2. Achieve high standard quality and accreditation requirements locally and internationally.  
3. Continuous development of academic and administrative faculty.
4. Hold academic, professional, and community partnerships.
5. Establish and motivate scientific research to contribute to the sustainable society development and knowledge-based economy. 

Our Values:
1. Academic excellence.
2. Commitment to good morals.
3. Leadership.
4. Teamwork.
5. Integrity.
6. Creativity.
7. Responsibility.
8. Precision.
9. Professionalism.

Graduates Characteristics:
1. Mastering different types of programming languages and applications.
2. Being familiar with computer components and hardware.
3. Comprehending database, project, and network management and design. 
4. Perceiving fundamentals of mathematics and statistics.
5. Gaining professional English language skills in the Computer and information Sciences​ field.
6. Applying basic concepts of computer and information systems.
7. Designing and developing software applications.
8. Ability to design and develop web applications efficiently.
9. Self-learning and personal development.
10. Commitment to ethical values and information security issues. 
11. Capable of performing scientific research and result analysis.
12. Exhibiting problem solving and analytical skills.
13. Obtaining good communication skills and teamwork. 
14. Applying efficient time management skills.
15. Ability to apply computer and information knowledge to serve the community.
16. Contributing to community service through volunteer work.