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The College of Education was founded in 1970/1390 AH, as the first educational college for girls. Its primary goal was to prepare middle and high school teachers. In the beginning, the College had major and minor sections. For example, Arabic Language as a major with Islamic Studies as a minor, History as a major with Geography as a minor, and Mathematics as a major with Physics and Biology as minors. Except for the Department of Home Economics, which was a separate major standing by itself and its study system was annual. In 1397 AD/1396 AH, a more profound scientific shift happened. The minor sections transformed into major sections. In 1402 AH the College was then divided into two independent colleges, namely, the College of Education for Literary Departments/Humanities and the College of Education for Scientific Departments. Then, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques approved to the Royal Order No. (5151 / MB) dated 3/7/1429 AH on the project submitted by the University to restructure the College of Education to be more specialized in educational and psychological sciences and included seven departments:

• Curriculum and Teaching Methods.
• Psychology.
• Special Education.
• Educational Technology.
• Educational Planning and Management.
• Pedagogy.
• Early childhood.