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Learning Outcomes


​Learning Outcomes According to the Learning Areas in The National Qualifications Framework
Point out the concepts related to electronic learning.1-1
Explain modern theories in e-learning1-2
Demonstrate successful experiences in the use of mobile learning1-3
Explain different learning theories1-4
Explain the relationship between different learning strategies and learning theories.1-5
Cognitive Skills2
Using different authoring software to build an interactive course that can be published online in the light of teaching and learning theories.2-1
Designing different learning experiences for the educational content using technological innovations.2-2
Proposing a design for a mobile learning environment2-3
Differentiating between the theories and strategies of learning and educational design.2-4
Taking Responsibility and Interpersonal Skills3
Ability to work in an interactive team.3-1
Contribution to decision-making.3-2
Initiative to communicate and work within the team.3-3
Taking responsibility for autonomous learning.3-4
Exchanging experiences with the team.3-5
Respect others' viewpoints.3-6
Communication Skills, Technical Skills and Numerical Skills4
Using applications provided by mobile operators4-1
Designing a learning experience using one of the latest technologies.4-2
Implementing e-learning strategies that are appropriate for different educational situations.4-3
Designing educational activities suitable for educational situations based on educational grounds.4-4
Creating their learning networks to build specialized communities that support their learning process.4-5
Psychomotor Skills5