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Credit HoursCourse TitleCourse Code
3Research Methods in Educational ManagementEDAD 801
3Application of Modern Statistical Programs in The Field of Educational ResearchMath 861
3Strategic Planning in Educational InstitutionsEDAD 802
3Management of Educational Institutions - Advanced ApplicationEDAD 803
3Knowledge ManagementEDAD 804
3Electronic Management and Governance in Educational InstitutionsEDAD 805
3Knowledge Management in Educational InstitutionsEDAD 806
3Knowledge Management and Academic ExcellenceEDAD 809
3The System of Financing, Privatization, And Knowledge Management in Educational Institutions in The Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaEDAD 807
3Knowledge Management and the Educational System and Its CultureEDAD 808
3Research Class/Project PlanEDAD 812
3Research Class/Theses PlanEDAD 813

Project Discussion

Upon completion of all courses

EDAD 812

Thesis Discussion

Upon completion of all courses

EDAD 813

Department Elective Courses: 


Credit HoursCourse TitleCourse Code
3Professional Development of Education PersonnelEDAD 811
3Quality Application in EducationEDAD 821
3Organizational Behavior in Educational InstitutionsEDAD 841


Free Courses:


Credit HoursCourse TitleCourse Code
3Management of Educational InstitutionsEDAD 322