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Academic Guidance

Academic Guidance/Advising/Counseling is your way to Academic Excellence

Academic counseling in the Department of Special Education aims at assisting students to graduate during the regular period and avoid academic failure. This goal has two central aspects:


• Preventive Counseling:

• Follow up the stability of the students' academic track and make sure that they are in line with the academic plans, to ensure graduation in the regular/statutory period and prevent failure.

• Help students to overcome the academic obstacles and problems.

• Follow up students who have been subjected to failure and find suitable solutions for them.



Awareness Counseling:

• Raising students' awareness of the program and study plan by clarifying the differences between compulsory/obligatory, elective and free courses.

• Prepare the new students for undergraduate learning by briefing them on the academic program rules and regulations.


Important Information about the Academic Counseling

Dear Student:

We are providing you with some information that can enlighten your academic journey:

·  The maximum number of courses in a semester is 22 hours, while the minimum is 12 hours.

·  The student has the right to drop only five courses during the statutory period.

·   Do your best to graduate during the statutory period so that you do not need to apply for exceptional opportunities. The statutory period of the four-year program is 12 semesters = six years.

·  Dropped courses are counted within the statutory period while the deferment courses are not.

·   Make sure to have a high GPA, so you do not receive an academic warning. You would receive a warning if your GPA declined to 2. The student will be academically dismissed/suspended if she received three warnings in a row.

·  To be valedictorian, you must have a GPA of 4.50 as minimum and score 12 credits at least.

·  Please make sure that you do not miss out any courses to ensure that you get the honors degree.


Important Dates for Academic Counseling

Keeping up with the academic calendar helps you to know important dates in academic counseling of each semester:

· The filing period for deferment and withdraw from the Semester.

· The filing period for electronic deletion and addition of courses.

· The filing period for dropping courses.

·  Date of Early Academic Advising.


Important Notes

· Please meet your academic counselor regularly to discuss your academic situation and answer all your queries.

·  Make sure to fill in the "guide file" and submit it to your academic counselor and update it at the beginning of each semester.

·  Activate your e-mail as fast as possible to facilitate communication with your academic counselor, as well to receive the weekly electronic awareness provided by the Academic Counseling Committee.


Your graduation is your responsibility... academic counseling is your way to excellence.


Best wishes for success and excellence in your academic journey,

Academic Counseling Committee, Department of Special Education