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Admission and Transfer Conditions

Requirements for specialization of foundation year students to Pharmacy College:

 1) Passing all foundation year courses within four semesters, starting from the admission date and counting dropping semesters.

2) GPA should not be less than 4.0 for dental and 3.0 for the rest of the health programs.

3) Availability of seats in the college.


Requirements for specialization of Pharmacy College:

 •  GPA should not be less than 4.0

•   The grade should be B+ or above for the following:

1.  Biology for Health Programs (HFSB 101-1).

2.  Human Biology for Health Programs (HFSB 102-1).

3.  ​Chemistry for Health Programs (HFSC 101-1).


 Requirements of transferring between colleges of Health Programs 1438\1439

1. Student should have completed two successive semesters in her current major.

2. Student should have completed all the courses in her first year (dropping any course cancels transferring). 

3.Choosing the candidates based on availability of seats and a GPA of 4.75 

4. Passing the interview and transfer test for the College of Pharmacy​