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1.     Pharmacy club

In 1431 in the second semester, the first meeting of Pharmacy club was held. It was one of the general clubs for health program students, but in 1432 it became a program only for foundation year students.

 From that point, the pharmacy club started, step by step trying to be one of the best clubs and to make the best impact.


2. Nourah Space Club

Norah's Space Journal Club is a signal of the success of the College of Pharmacy Journal (the Pharmacy Times) which started in 2016 and has published four journals in two languages: Arabic and English. This club is a support club for the journal's members, whom are about 60 students. It will ensure the continuation of the journal and publishing it around all colleges. Also, we will provide many courses in the writing and editing fields, as well as making many community, awareness, and cultural campaigns.


The Pharmacy Times journal will change into Norah's space journal with the same aspects. We write in many varied fields: sciences, technology, health awareness, art and literature, philosophy and community, Inspirational characters and recommendation of books and short movies.


The journal is written in two languages: Arabic and English. We publish one edition each semester. It's worth mentioning that the authors are students.

The first part will be pharmacy space, wherein pharmacy students will write all the news about pharmacy. They will be supervised by a

faculty member. This will be a start for all the colleges around our university, and our club's mission is to support them in all they need to publish it.

Our journal team is divided into: editing team, writing and editing team for awareness articles, historical articles, art articles, community

articles, aspiration stories team, translation team, Pharmacy articles team, news and opinions team, media team and HR team. ​​