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Brazilian Journal Of PhysicsJune 2016Nourah Ahmad Mohamed AlSaif, Shahidan Radiman, RedzuwanAlpha Decay Preformation Factors for Even-Even 280-316116 Superheavy Isotope 
Journal Physics G: Nuclear and Particle PhysicsOctober 2017Nourah Ahmad Mohamed AlSaif, Shahidan Radiman, Saad M. Saleh AhmedShell closures in Fl superheavy isotopes via determination of alpha decay preformation factor 
ACS Applied Materials & InterfacesSeptember 2017Mufasila Mumthaz Muhammed, Norah Alwadai, Sergei Lopatin, Akito Kuramata and Iman S. RoqanHigh-Efficiency InGaN/GaN Quantum Well-Based Vertical Light-Emitting Diodes Grown on β-Ga2O3 Substrate 
ACS Applied Materials & InterfacesOctober 2017Norah Alwadai, Md Azimul Haque, Somak Mitra, Tahani Flemban, Yusin Pak, Tom Wu , and Iman RoqanHigh-Performance Ultraviolet-to-Infrared Broadband Perovskite Photodetectors Achieved via Inter-/Intraband Transitions. 
Journal of Molecular StructureSeptember 2017S.M. El-Bashir, N.M. Alwadai, N. AlZayedAC/DC electrical conduction and dielectric properties of PMMA/PVAc/C60 down-shifting nanocomposite films 
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces19 September 2017Tahani H. Flemban, Md Azimul Haque, Idris Ajia, Norah Alwadai, Somak Mitra, Tom Wu,A Photodetector Based on p-Si/n-ZnO Nanotube 
EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL PLUSJanuary 2016*Abeer Al-Towyan*, Nabil Ben Nessiba, Norah Alonizan, Rabia Qindeel, and Nafeesah YacoubStark widths dependence on electron temperature for neutral chromium spectral 
Lasers in Medical Science25 September 2017H. A. Al-Musywel , A. LarefEffect of gold nanoparticles on radiation doses in tumor treatment: a Monte Carlo study 
Optik2018F.F. Al-HarbCharacterizations of structural and optical properties of 2-(pyranoquinolin-4-yl) malononitrile 
Optical Materials2017A.A. Attia a, H.A.M. Ali a, *, G.F. Salem a, M.I. Ismail a, F.F. Al-HarbiAnalysis of electrical properties of heterojunction based on ZnIn2Se4 
Renewable Energy2016S.M. El-Bashir a, *, F.F. Al-Harbi b, H. Elburaih b, F. Al-Faifi a, I.S. YahiaRed photoluminescent PMMA nanohybrid films for modifying the  spectral distribution  of solar  rediation inside greenhouses 
International of GREEN Energy2016S. M. El-Bashira,b, I.S. Yahiac,d, F. Al-Harbie, H. Elburaihe, F. Al-Faifia, and N. A. AldosarifImproving photostability and efficiency of polymeric luminescent solar concentrators by 
ROMANIAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS2015Aljoharah Hamad Abduallah AlMuqrin, Yasser Yousef Obaid, Ahmad Mohammed Throt AlSharqawi, and Hanan Mohammed Salem AlGhamdiDetermination of Radium in Water by Gamma Spectrometry Using Commercial Cation Exchange Resins: Comparison and Validation 
Marine pollution bulletin2016Hanan Mohammed Salem AlGhamdi, Aljoharah Hamad Abduallah AlMuqrin, and Ahmad Mohammed Throt AlSharqawiAssessment of natural radioactivity and 137 Cs in some coastal areas of the Saudi Arabian gulf 
RADIOCHEMISTRY2017Gharam Abdullah AlHarshan, Salam Abduallah Ali AlOraini, Hanan Mohammed Salem AlGhamdi, Aljoharah Hamad Abduallah AlMuqrin, Khalid Mohammed Saleh AlAzoni, and Abduallah Saad AlSalamahMeasuring the Radioactivity Concentration of 40K and 137Cs and Calculating the Annual Internal Doses from Ingesting Liquid and Powdered Milk 
Radiation Protection Dosimetry2017Dalal Abduallah Ali AlOraini, Gharam Abdullah AlHarshan, Aljoharah Hamad Abduallah AlMuqrin, Hanan Mohammed Salem AlGhamdi, and Khalid Mohammed Saleh AlAzoniEVALUATION OF THE ACTIVITY OF GAMMA-EMITTING NATURAL RADIONUCLIDES IN SEAFOOD AND ESTIMATION OF THE ANNUAL EFFECTIVE DOSE FOR DIFFERENT AGE GROUPS IN KSA 
Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures04\01\2016Dr. Kholoud Saad AlMuqrinRAMAN AND UV-VIS-NIR SPECTROSCOPY OF PHOSPHATE GLASSES, 
Advances in Condensed Matter Physics2016Dr. Kholoud Saad AlMuqrinDosimetric UV Exposure Effect on the Optical 
Radiation Physics and ChemistryOCT 2016Dr. Kholoud Saad AlMuqrinDeterminationof 137Cs activity in soil from Qatar usinghigh-resolution gamma-rayspectrometry 
AIP Advances2017Dr. Kholoud Saad AlMuqrinCalibration of 4π NaI(Tl) detectors with coincidence summing correction using new 
Radiation Physics and ChemistryNovember 2017Dr. Kholoud Saad AlMuqrinAn assessment of the natural radioactivity distribution and radiation hazard in soil samples from Qatar using high-resolution gamma-ray spectrometry 
Radiation Physics and ChemistryAUG 2017Dr. Kholoud Saad AlMuqrinTowards evaluating post-irradiation tissue alterations 
Results in Physics2017Dr. Kholoud Saad AlMuqrinX-ray fluorescence analysis of Pb, Fe and Zn in Kohl 
Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience Dr. Shatha Abdulaziz Alda'faqAtomic Phase Space Entropy, Squeezing and Purification Properties of a Tow Coupled Superconducting Qubits in Solid State Systems 
Journal of Natural Sciences Research2016J.S.Alzahrani C.Soliman, D.A.Aloraini, A.A.AlzahranyPhototransferred Thermoluminescence from Obsidian Using Ultraviolet Radiation 
Asian Journal of Scientific Research2018Aljawharh Almuqrin, Cairo Soliman, Kamel ELShokrof and Dalal AlorainiTuff Rock as a New Thermoluminescent Material for Gamma Dosimetry 
Science and Technology of Nuclear Installations2018Dr. Dalal Abdullah AlorainiCalibration of the Absolute Efficiency of Well-Type NaI(Tl) Scintillation Detector in 0.121–1.408MeV Energy Range 
Radiochemistry2017G. A. Alharshan, D. A. Aloraini, H. Al-Ghamdi, A. H. Almuqrin, K. M. El-Azony, A. S. AlsalamahMeasuring the Radioactivity Concentration of 40K and 137Cs and Calculating the Annual Internal Doses from Ingesting Liquid and Powdered Milk 
International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences4 Number 2016H.Al-Ghamdi, A.Al-Muqrin, D.Al Oraini and G.AlharshanDetermination of 226Ra and 228Ra in Tap Water Samples from Riyadh City, and Estimation of the Radiation Dose 
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research AAugust 2006F.S.AL-Saleh , Al-J.H..Al-mukren ,M.A.FaroukPrecise determination of the absolute intensities of the gamma-ray lines of  and some   daughters 
Journal of Natural Sciences Research2015Dr. Aljoharah Hamad AlMuqrinAssessment of Natural Radioactivity and Radon indoors in the New Campus of the Princess Nora University and the Associated Health Hazards. 
nternational Research Journal of Natural and Applied SciencesNov 2015A. Al-Muqrin , C.Soliman,K.M. EL-Shokrofy N Al-Hammad , And E Al-MogaitTHERMOLUMINESCENCE OF BEACH SANDS RELEVANT TO RADIATION MEASUREMENTS 
INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCHNovember 2015A.Al-Muqrin, H. Al-Ghamdi and A.El-SharkawyDetermination of Radium, Uranium and 222Rn in groundwater Samples from Different Regions in Saudi Arabia, 
Radiation Protection Dosimetry2017D. A. Alorainia, G. A. Alharshana,  H. Al-Ghamdia , A. H. Almuqrin,,K. M. El-AzonyEvaluation of the Activity of Gamma-Emitting Natural Radionuclides in Seafood and Estimation of the Annual Effective Dose for Different Age Groups in KSA , 
Russian in Radiokhimiya2017G. A. Alharshana, D. A. Alorainia, H. Al-Ghamdia , A. H. Almuqrin,,K. M. El-Azonyb, A. S. Alsalamahc,Measuring the Radioactivity Concentration of 40K and 137Cs and Calculating the Annual Internal Doses from Ingesting Liquid and Powdered Milk1 
Indian J.Environmental Protection2016 OCTOBERA.Al-Muqrin, H. Al-Ghamdi,Determination of Radium Isotopes (226Ra and 228Ra) in Water Treatment Units in Riyadh City, and the Corresponding Radiation Dose 
Biosciences Biotechnology Research2016H.Al-Ghamdi, A.Al-MuqrinRadium Activity Levels in Groundwater in Saudi Arabia, and Relationship with Some Water 
Jokull JournalAug 2016Al-Jawharah Al-MuqrinRadioactivity Levels of Radium Isotopes in Different Farms in Qateef Region, KSA and the Associated Radiological Hazards 
International Journal in Physical & Applied Sciences(April, 2016)N. Al-Hammad , C.Soliman,A. Al-Muqrin , and E. Al-MogaitTHE PRE-DOSE EFFECT IN NATURAL ROCKS WITH HIGH-LEVEL OF PHOSPHATE 
Marine pollution bulletin,2016Al-Ghamdi, H., Al-Muqrin, A., & El-SharkawyAssessment of natural radioactivity and 137 Cs in some coastal areas of the Saudi Arabian gulf.  
Australian Journal of Basic and Applied SciencesNovember 2015 Al-Muqren, A. J.,Determination of 226Ra in water using ion exchange resin and alpha spectrometry study and validation,  
JOURNAL OF RADIOANALYTICAL AND NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY2007Abdelmonem, M.S., A. A. Naqvi,  Hanan Al-Ghamdi and Ghada Al-Misned1-; Performance Comparison of  2.8 MeV and 241Am-Be Neutron Based  Moisture Measurement Setups. 
JOURNAL OF RADIOANALYTICAL AND NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY2007Abdelmonem M. S., A. A. Naqvi ,  Ghada Al-Misned and  Hanan Al-Ghamdi Performance Improvement of a PGNAA Setup Due to Change in Moderator Design-A Monte Carlo Study.  
Journal of Water Resource and Protection2018A. El-Sharkawy, H. Al-GhamdiStudy of the Presence of Radon in Groundwater from two Regions in Saudi Arabia 
Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience2018Hanan  Al-GhamdiDetermination of the Activity Concentrations of Radium Isotopes in Soils of some farms in the Saudi Eastern Province and Estimation of Radiation Dose 
International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences2017Ahmed El-Sharkawy ,  Hanan Al-Ghamdi and Hekmat El-BegawyDeveloped Method for Better Detection of Radionuclides in Plants by Gamma spectrometry 
Appl. Math. Inf. Sci2017M. Algarni, H. Al-Ghamdi and S. Abdel-Khalek, Wehrl Entropy

Entropy Squeezing and Nonlocal

Correlation of Moving Atoms in Squeezed Coherent Field

Journal of natural sciences research.2015Hanan Al-Ghamdi Assessment of Radium Isotopes in Some Hot Springs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  
NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTS & METHODS IN PHYSICS RESEARCH SECTION A-ACCELERATORS SPECTROMETERS DETECTORS AND ASSOCIATED  EQUIPMENT.2006Naqvi A. A., M. S. Abdelmonem, Ghada Al-Misned and Hanan Al-GhamdiNew Source-Moderator Geometry to Improve Performance 252Cf and 241Am-Be Sources based PGNAA setup.  
APPLIED RADIATION AND ISOTOPES(2006)Naqvi . A. A., M. S. Abdelmonem.  Ghada Al-Misned , and  Hanan Al-Ghamdi Performance Improvement of  keV Neutrons-based PGNAA setups.,