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The University of Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman announces the opening of admission to a number of master's programs
Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman, a member of the community college, organized the "Entrepreneurs" exhibition, which is implemented by the NICHE office in the college, which aims to support small female entrepreneurs and provide advice and advice to them.
In this regard, the Dean of the Community College Dr. Munira Al-Muqrin said that "at the end of each semester, we are keen to organize the exhibition and the competition of cooperative projects in order to identify the projects of the students and to provide them with the necessary advice and prepare them for the labor market directly. Third parties interested in entrepreneurship, and supports small and medium enterprises, for arbitration such as: "Enterprises, Bader, Delani".
The exhibition was attended by Hagar Ahmed Al Zahrani from the College of Languages ​​and Translation, where she presented the project "Plant Paradise" for the sale of plants and internal coordination at the request of the client, and student Jawhara Al-Otaibi from the community college project called (the Diamond Boutique) It selects different colors of leather and manufactures them at customer's request.
Al Jawhara Al Askar from the Community College, flower project for selling roses and Hanouf Abdul Rahman Al Qahtani from the Community Service College participated in a project for children's supplies under the name Bebikastore.
The exhibition also included Tech up project, which is one of the important technical references for the student Al-Bandari Mubarak Al-Subaie from the Faculty of Management and Business. Finally, the student, Al-Anoud Saad Al-Quwaiz, presented her project Dalal Boutique, which includes women's accessories, bags, sunglasses and more.
At the end of the exhibition, the winners were selected in the first places where the first place was won by Hajar Al-Zahrani and the second by Al-Jawhara Al-Otaibi. The projects were selected according to specific criteria and taking into account the number of votes from the visitors. Where the winner won the first place on the "marketing plan for a year and provide free consultations" For the second place won the winner of 10 sessions of free consultations.