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​Q: When does the application period begin?

A: You can find out the period of submission by looking at the calendar schedule announced on the portal of the unified electronic admission of students.


Q: What does this phrase mean that acceptance is annual?

A: means that the application to admission once at the beginning of the academic year, there will be no acceptance period in the second semester.


Q: Is there a priority for admission by date of submission?

A: There is no priority in admission based on the date of submission, so the submission does not affect the first day of the last day, as long as it is within the specified time period.


Q: Is there a priority for admission to this year's high school certificate?

A: Priority in admission according to the composite ratios (secondary + abilities + achievement) and the student has not passed the secondary school more than five years.


Q: If you are registered on the portal last year and did not accept, do you enter a previous submission or a new submission?

A: A new submission is entered.


Q: Can I apply again at a university and I am a student enrolled in a university?

A: A regular student in a university is not entitled to apply on the portal unless she is withdrawn from her university.


Q: What are the specializations available for university admission?

A: You can view the faculties and specializations available for acceptance in the admission guide on the university website.


Q: How can I get my own degree of abilities?

A: The degree can be obtained through the website of the National Center for Measurement and Evaluation (


Q: The general capacity test has been entered more than once, what is the result that is used for admission?

A: The highest score obtained in the general capacity test is used.


Q: How long is the general capacity test valid?

A: The validity of the test of general capacity is five years.


Q: What is the validity period of the examination?

A: The validity of the test score is five years.


Q: I have not tested my abilities or achievements. Can I join the university?

A: You can not apply. Entrance to the (ability) and (achievement) test is a prerequisite for acceptance and differentiation among applicants.


Q: How does the student know the result of acceptance and when does SMS reach the students?

A: The student must enter her account through the unified electronic admission portal for the students on the dates stated and specified in the submission schedule. This is supported by the sending of text messages and e-mails. A text message is sent on the applicant's mobile phone when entering the civil registration number, when the wishes are satisfied, when the interviews are submitted and when the results of acceptance are received. The student should not rely on mobile messages and access her account at the unified acceptance site According to the published schedule.

Q: If I do not accept in college because I do not have a personal interview or a test, do I have a second desire?

A: If you are not accepted, you are nominated for the other colleges according to the criteria of nomination.


Q: Is there another opportunity to apply to the University for those who missed the registration?

A: There is no other opportunity to apply for university after the deadline for submission.


Q: What happens if the student does not confirm her acceptance through the unified admission portal for female students within the specified period?

A: Acceptance is canceled.

Q: Do I have the right to withdraw from acceptance after confirmation of acceptance? What are the procedures?

A: Yes, you have the right to withdraw from admission.

Q: Can I go to the university to apply?

A: You can not do so.


Q: What are the university admission criteria and criteria?

A: To view the admission criteria, you should check the admission guide on the university website.


Q: I am a student enrolled in a university, but I have not been studying for more than four semesters (over two years).

A: Yes, you can apply through the acceptance portal and be considered a new student according to the conditions of admission.


Q: Can I apply again to the university and I am a student enrolled in a university?

A: A regular student at a university may not apply on the portal unless she is withdrawn.


Q: On what basis do I arrange the disciplines available to me?

A: The order of disciplines should be based on your desire and your scientific orientation, but the good selection and arrangement of disciplines are the things that you must pay attention to.


Q: Can I use the result of the capacity test and achievement test I received last year?

A: Yes, you are entitled to use the result of last year's test.


Q: Do I have to send my documents after I accept the EMS?

A: The University will not receive any paper documents. Acceptance of the electronic acceptance through the unified electronic admission portal is considered an alternative to receipt of the paper file.


Q: How do I get my university degree?

A: After admission to the university, you will receive a message on the university number on your mobile so make sure to put a mobile phone right and effective.

Q: What are the cases in which students are refused admission?

A: For the cases where the student is not accepted, you should check the admission guide.

Q: I graduated from the university with a diploma degree. Can I apply again for a bachelor's degree?

A: A graduate student from the university does not have the right to apply for a bachelor's degree.

Q: Does the non-Saudi student accept a Saudi mother?

A: Yes, she is treated as a Saudi student and after her acceptance, she will review the Deanship of Admission and Registration with photos of her residence, passport, birth certificate and mother card.