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Vice Dean of Quality and Development


The Vice Deanship of Development and Quality assures the application of quality in all units of the Deanship to improve performance in all areas of administrative and academic work, secures the establishment of systems that determines how to implement the work with the best efficiency and quality, and evaluates performance according to specific and approved standards.


- Administrative and technical supervision of the following administrative units: Performance Evaluation and Quality Assurance Unit, Measurement and Evaluation Unit, Accreditation Unit, Preparation of Training Packages, Training and Vocational Education Unit, Library and Training Resources.

- Participates in the Deanship Council.

- Oversees the identification of training needs and the measurement of the impact of training.

- Supervises the preparation of the quarterly and annual training plans for the Deanship of the various administrative units in the university.

- Supervises the implementation of work programs, administratively and financially, according to the annual plan of the Deanship.

- Oversees the preparation of the annual operational plans of the Deanship in light of the University's strategies and development plans. This requires the implementation of various planning processes, pre-plan operations, planning and building processes, post-plan operations in coordination with other departments.

- Supervises the application of training indicators for the training system in the Deanship and analyzes the results and employs them in developing the training process.

- Supervises the planning research that serves the Vice Deanship and aids to achieve the future plans of the Deanship to determine the quantitative and qualitative pathways of growth for training in light of local variables.

- Oversees the development and follow-up of the application of the structure and the organizational guide of the Deanship, and raises observations, inquiries and suggestions to the Dean.

- Supervises the simplification of the administrative procedures in the Deanship, preparing its own manuals, designing the models used, developing them and following up on their implementation.

- Oversees the design, implementation and development of evidence and organizational procedures of the Deanship in coordination with the relevant units

- Supervises the improvement of the working environment and the distribution of appropriate places to the Deanship agencies and its unit to help achieve job satisfaction and completion of work.

- Participates in the preparation of the annual budget of the Deanship concerning the financing of programs and projects of the annual plans with the relevant authorities.

- Prepares periodic reports on the operational plans of the Vice Deanship, the activities and achievements of the Deanship, the performance challenges and ways to overcome them and raises them to the Dean.

- Supervises the organization of transactions and information of the Vice Deanship and its conservation in a manner that helps to retrieve them effectively and efficiently.

- Participates in committees and meetings related to the activities of the Vice Deanship.

- Prepares and evaluates the performance of the staff of the Vice Deanship and raises the evaluations for review it to the Dean.

- Responds to the letters addressed to the Vice Deanship and follows up on their send out from the Deanship.

- Determines the training needs including the administrative and technical requirements of the Vice Deanship and follows up on their provision.

- Distributes the importance of quality assurance and transfers its culture to the level of the Deanship.

- Manages any other tasks assigned to its field of work within the Vice Deanship.