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​Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the prophets and messengers

The College of Education seeks to achieve excellence and leadership in the field of scientific and research and in the field of community service based on the principles of our Islamic religion and the generous support of our government and the continuous follow-up of the Director of the University and the active contribution of all members of the educational and administrative bodies.

The Faculty of Education comprises four educational departments that grant bachelor's degrees:

(Department of Curriculum and Instruction Department of Psychology Department of Special Education Department of Early Childhood).

And three supporting educational departments:

(Department of Educational Resources Department of Management and Educational Planning Department of Educational Technology).

The College also includes a distinguished elite of faculty members and an elite with highly experienced members of the administrative board.

The Faculty of Education is also working hard from the academic departments to develop its academic programs to keep abreast of scientific and educational developments and to meet the needs of the society and the requirements of the labor market.

It also works to build bridges of cooperation with all educational institutions.

 The Faculty of Education is keen to provide assistance and support to all female students through the establishment of the Academic Guidance Unit and the Research Support Unit and to provide a range of cultural and social activities that contribute to the development of the student's personality and refinement and provide them with the life skills, knowledge and technology necessary for its future excellence.

As for the importance of continuous communication with female students, the College is keen to communicate directly with students or through social media channels. An e-mail ( has been created to assist students and answer their queries with a TUTER account


The College of Education recognizes that it is the generation-builder and the repository of ambitions and hopes. It has a great responsibility in developing the reality and charting the bright future in the educational work and therefore works within the framework of a strategic plan to assess its reality to achieve its ambitious future goals.


We ask Allah to help and guide.