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About the Program


Computer Science and Information Technology Department offers the following degrees:


1.      Diploma in Computer Science – Programming.

2.      Diploma in Computer Science – Web Design

3.      Diploma in Computer Science – information Technology


The expected period to complete the program and gain the Diploma:

Student expected to graduate after Two years consist of 4 semesters of 64 hours as following:

•         Level One: 17 hours

•         Level Two: 17 hours

•         Level Three: 18 hours

•         Level Four: 12 hours


  1. Tasks of graduates

    Applied her computer sciences theoretical and practical skill in the field of math and computer.

    Analyze problems, then determine and define its appropriate computer solution requirements.

    Have effective teamwork skills to achieve common goals.

    Understand ethical, professional and social issues and responsibilities.

     Communicate effectively with certain categories of a beneficiary.

    Enroll in continuous profession improvement.

    Use the technologies, skills and necessary tools for computing.