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Prince Noura bint Abdulrahman University Interacts with World Diabetes Day
​​​Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University, represented by the Deanship of Library Affairs and the College of Arts and Design, organized an awareness event on "World Diabetes Day and Healthy Food" in the lobby of the Central Library, in conjunction with World Diabetes Day.
The event included an educational and awareness building in which the Health Education Department participated in the King Abdullah University Hospital, which included medical consultations and diabetes awareness leaflets to raise awareness of the health of the students, as well as a number of corners to sell handicrafts designed by students. Diabetes.
For her part, the head of the department of interior design and the president of the effectiveness of the Professor Professor Laila Amer Al-Qahtani said that the basic idea of ​​the establishment of this event started from the course of professional practices, where students learn how to gain from hand work for the benefit and provide service to the community and enhance their ability to ethics The first objective of the activity was to raise the awareness of students as part of the community system about the importance of diabetes, which is one of the most common diseases of the age and prevalence, where the rate of infection is currently infected one in ten houses Which is a risk indicator that requires further education.
The effectiveness of the activity focused on raising awareness of the importance of healthy diet, the importance of diet for diabetics, ways to treat low or high blood sugar levels, and educating students on how to replace daily diets with a healthy diet to prevent disease and to guide them to the importance of snacks.
Al-Qahtani advised the students in the event to take care of the sport and continue the university life in a healthy manner focused on the period of tests of students as it is the most periods where the student neglects the urgent needs of the body and frequent inappropriate eating habits.
The event is part of the awareness raising activities at the local and international levels. Its importance lies within the university in raising awareness about one of the most common diseases and how to prevent it. It also publishes health practices and good eating habits among students to build a healthy and capable generation that can drive development.